How can one ever answer “who am I” and manage to share it in such a way that people actually GET IT? I am many things, however I will not attempt to list everything I consider myself to be.I will give you a brief rundown to paint an idea for you: First and foremost I am an artist, be it painting, photography, designing, styling (hey, clothes can be art!)  I want to travel, see/photograph the world and mesh my many ideas with others who are both like-minded as well as opposite minded, makes for good conversations either way 🙂 I am a fashion merchandiser/stylist for Forever 21 (I know you love it! At least I know I do) and I am always looking to give and take inspiration to/from others. In a nutshell, thats a very watered down, condensed version that will suffice for my “about me” page. Cheers! and feel free to check my photography blog here 🙂


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